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But it should not be overlooked that even in outwardly imperfect works, whether originally so or having become so through damage, the image may remain intact; for in the first case the image, which was not of the artist's own invention but inherited, can still be recognized in its imperfect embodiment, and in the second the form by which the art was moved must have been immanent in every part of it, and is thus present in what survives of it, and this is why such works may be adequate to evoke in a strong-minded spectator a true aesthetic experience, such a one supplying by his own imaginative energy all that is lacking in the original production. -- Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, The Transformation of Nature in Art, pp. 26-27.
As you have received freely, so freely give. Gospel Scenes 43
He lived, he loved, he prayed.


Labyrinth for walkers
Wiki-Wiki Labyrinth for runners
Two-Minute Labyrinth for joggers
Cretan Labyrinth 7-circuit Labyrinth
Chartres Labyrinth

Chartres Lights for Mary
Heart Labyrinth


Millennial Greetings
Millennial Greetings 2

Apparition after Zeitoun

Mandalas & Mandala Sampler


Yin and Yang complementary principles

Maranatha Mondrianesque
Maranatha 2 for E. F. Schumacher
Maranatha 3 for martyrs


Pulsating Cross

Jewelled Crosses
Cross Tree
Cross Tree 2

Hidden Jesus

epu & 16

Hawaii & Pau Hana Aloha


The Lord's Prayer Java applet in progress


Jesus Prayer the Prayer of the Heart in various languages



Five Easy Timepieces

Time Moves & Time Flies after a Javascript classic

Disks & Rings & Webs

Noël & Pietà & C & Three

Petals & Host & Poly & Spiral & Tiles & Carmen

Crosses for GH & OLG & CdF & MW & AJN & CG & FC & FW & CS

Prayer & Circles & OneFour & OneMany

Ring & Rose & Ora & Orare

10,000-Year Clock

Mandalas & Pau Hana & Magens & Red, White and Blue Samplers

Cruz Miguel Po & Bead

Plus & Times



Buttons & Sliders & Keys + Albers & Colors


Love God

See Characters


Pentimenti Rub Once, Rub Twice

Diamonds for George Herbert

Barnabas for Brother Barnabas

Bowl and plates

Amish Quilt Pyramid Lake

Waiting Garrett Memorial Chapel

Fish Peaks Island

Mug after Beuron

Rotation variations

Pas de Deux in memory of John Lanchbery

Butterflies after Ed N. Lorenz


Albert Gleizes 1934 homage

Rim He stands, He rests

All Saints for HB and JB

'Still' from Circles for Valentine

Circles for Janice and Harry

Circles for Tienne

Circles for Hector Berlioz

Circles for an Anniversary (Columbia 250)

Circles for Mary of the Ankh

Circles of Swastikas

Circles of Yin and Yang

Circles of Om


Circles for Zachary and Elisabeth

Circles for Our Lady

Circles for Saint Joseph

Circles for Christ the King

Circles for the Holy Family

Circles for Shepherds and Magi

Circles for Simeon and Anna


Circles for Lent

Circles for Palm Sunday

Circles for Holy Thursday

Circles for Good Friday

Circles for Easter Sunday

Circles for The Ascension of the Lord

Circles for Pentecost

Circles for Trinity Sunday


Circles for Missionaries

Circles of Offerings

Circles of Chant

Circles of Quills for Saint Isidore of Seville

Circles of JM for Padre Pio

Circles of Papal Crosses

Circles of Chi-Rho

Circles of Valentines for Mary and Olivia

Circles of Chocolate Hearts

Circles of Jesus for Saints Peter and Paul

Circles of Jesus Prayer for Anthony Bloom

Circles of Mass

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Circles of David's Star

Circles of Stars

Circles of Five Stars

Circles of Mugs

Circles of Five Crosses

Roundel for St. Columba and friends

Bead Cross for Kathleen Thomerson