The Forth Programming Ring site of Leo Wong.
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Forth Ring

h e l l o FORTH
The Lord's Prayer in Forth is now in Blogging Forth
Simple Forth rudiments of a programming language
Comus some commonly used words
Inching Forth a tutorial
0123 Forth beginning ANS Forth programs
Stacks of Forth or the towers of Hanoi
Life after Conway
Sokoban a game
99 Bottles of Beer in Froth suds
LF not pretty but portable ANS Forth word processor
"Einstein's Riddle" who owns the fish?
VIER NEUN solution 1
VIER NEUN solution 2
Hello, XML! XML applications

Forth Clerihews pearls swine before

Only Forth Also :
From: a smarter INCLUDE
For and Next
String words
CELL-counted strings
File words
Specify quote delimiters
Source Tools
Linked List
Family Tree
Binary Tree
Binary Search
Combinations & Permutations
Tree a file listing
The Tree using ALLOCATE
Chemical Equation Balance
Sort Definition Names
Count ANS Forth words in a file
Count occurrences of words in a file
Look up ANS Forth words
Hide your e-mail address
Chapter and Verse in the King James Bible
Query the Periodic Table of Elements
Scrabble help
Download zip file 21 June 02004 + fyj +

Adventure in Forthran 57K zip file 20 August 02003 + fyj +

Executable only:
Wink simple DOS word processor (14K .zip file)

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